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PKMN Fanfiction: Incomplete
Before I joined Team Galactic, I never really knew what passion felt like. I always imagined that it was something hot and fiery, something that burned its holder to the core – not unlike hatred, but then again, I never really experienced that either. How ironic that I only discovered love and hate when I stepped into the presence of someone who wants to do away with both.
I believed from the start that it was Cyrus's destiny to become a god, long before I had any real inklings about his plan to achieve it. I can't explain how or why. Depending on the circumstances and the company, he can either be irresistibly charming or endearingly awkward, but in either case, people listen when he talks. Before I met him, I rarely listened to anyone except myself. Now I cling to his every word, and I find my fingers burning to write it all down like a text that's too sacred to be forgotten.
I lie awake at night – right here, in our headquarters – and I despair until it feels like I'm
:iconmisskantaris:MissKantaris 1 7
Against All Odds by MissKantaris Against All Odds :iconmisskantaris:MissKantaris 10 8


SPACE RAVE by CyberMisadventures SPACE RAVE :iconcybermisadventures:CyberMisadventures 233 181 Magpie 8 by parisky-stock Magpie 8 :iconparisky-stock:parisky-stock 20 10
/I gave explicit instructions that the trainer was to leave here unharmed./
/S-sir! That trainer defeated you! It could not go unpunished!/
/Enough! If you are so inflamed with your passions that you cannot follow orders, then you must be punished with the utmost severity./
Saturn had been staring out the window for the past several hours, and the grunts were starting to worry. They hung back out of concern and apprehension; it wasn't like him to be so still.
After watching him, never taking her eyes off him for a good twenty minutes, an agent approached him. Gently putting a hand to his arm, both of which were folded behind his back in an unconscious mirror of their leader, she smiled at him. "Commander...?"
He seemed not to notice, for acknowledgement came after nearly a full minute, during which time she never looked away and never broke her smile. "...Mt. Coronet is a sight to behold," he said under his breath.
"Yes sir. And right now, our leader should--"
"He should be ascending.
:iconblackjackgabbiani:BlackjackGabbiani 8 14
blackbird fly by mishkamink blackbird fly :iconmishkamink:mishkamink 390 72 Him in Red by lpfanatica Him in Red :iconlpfanatica:lpfanatica 28 10
Sonnet XVI
I will not weep for the lost serenade
Or the blaze of the tumbling thunder
Or reach for the arms of a renegade
Though I ache for the lust of deep slumber,
Or sigh at the song of the nightingale
As the tide of the moon draws me nearer
The romance of passion has waxed stale
And the stains in your eyes now burn clearer.
Solemn oaths sworn in trysts have no meaning
Save for stunned worship of stars in the sky-
I refuse to be roused by false feeling
Now the bright sun which you vowed by has died.
You were no more than a skipping shadow
Eclipsing true love's everlasting glow.
:icontina-go-lightly:tina-go-lightly 6 23
Glenfinnan Monument Loch Shiel by denise-g Glenfinnan Monument Loch Shiel :icondenise-g:denise-g 4 13 Urquhart Castle over Loch Ness by denise-g Urquhart Castle over Loch Ness :icondenise-g:denise-g 8 10 Hamster Cupcake Pattern by TalyrasMirror Hamster Cupcake Pattern :icontalyrasmirror:TalyrasMirror 64 9 Sephiroth_MAJ by Wen-JR Sephiroth_MAJ :iconwen-jr:Wen-JR 2,283 267 lucy in the sky with diamonds by lucydanger lucy in the sky with diamonds :iconlucydanger:lucydanger 311 80 Oh snap, it's 'Left Behind' by Pleiades-Rising Oh snap, it's 'Left Behind' :iconpleiades-rising:Pleiades-Rising 12 21
The Battle of Culloden
The corbies shrill their funeral dirge
As they hold thier morbid feast.
Corpse candle glows, a velvet cloak
Over many a man and beast.
Out on Drumossie Moor
Death has taken o'er.
The banshee wind and her dark lament
Can be heard upon the field.
Burning cold and slicing sleet
The only weapons she'll wield.
Out on Drumossie Moor
Death forever more.
So cry no more for your "Jamie lad"
The earth has risen to claim me.
I go to my judgment on stormy wings,
Fighting for Bonnie Charlie.
Out of Drumossie Moor
Death has won the war.
:iconlunablossom:lunablossom 4 4
Davy Jones, before the fact by neffinesse Davy Jones, before the fact :iconneffinesse:neffinesse 17 21



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KusaNoKaito Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
Interesting. You're into theology to?
MissKantaris Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I studied it a little at university (my degree title says I majored in it but actually I didn't do much theology, haha).
KusaNoKaito Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
Theology happens to be one of my main interests.
MissKantaris Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Any particular branch? Or just in general?
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xnattyx Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2009
thankyou for the watch! you can write so well! it's a talent i've envied people for, it's wonderful!!
MissKantaris Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Your photos are all lovely, by the way.
Melon4AM Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009
Ure work is mintt!!! I've done a bit of songwriting/ photography / stories myself but there all a bit shit tbh :)
MissKantaris Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, very few people like their own work... ;)

I also find that I can't just go ahead and write something. Very occasionally, I get inspired, and I have to do something with it. If I try to force myself to write, I'm not happy with the results.

Photography is even worse. I know nothing about it. I just got a few lucky shots and tried to make the most of them.

Keep at it. As long as you enjoy doing it, it doesn't really matter.
ChrisCHJ Featured By Owner May 27, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Love your songs, they are so epic!! Epicness is gewd :3
ChrisCHJ Featured By Owner May 27, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Love your songs, they are so epic!! Epicness is gewd :3
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